Aidan • Rochester Baby Photography

Finally getting some of these backlogged posts out! I know it's the "slow" season, but I am finding myself super busy... and on top of it all, I'm house hunting! It's exciting, but I totally hate this process. I sit for hours looking at real estate websites and just clicking "refresh" over and over. I had a house, but lost it because the seller is a moron... oh well. Bigger and better things, hopefully!

A couple months ago, I got to visit my little buddy Aidan for his 2 year pictures. He is just as adorable and sweet as he was a year ago when I shot his, yep you guessed it... one year photos! 🙂

Dapper in his pea coat.


Look at these eyes!

Aidan and his dad Travis have matching shoes.

When Aidan decided to put his little shoes on his dad, Colleen and I were hysterical... it looked SO funny! Especially when his pants covered his socks and made it look like those really were his feet.

He's such a good-natured kiddo.

I can't not photograph this kid's eyelashes... they're miraculous!

I wish every kid was as easy to photograph as Aidan! He should give classes. (Are you picturing him teaching a class right now with oversized teacher glasses and a pointer? Cause I am.)

We also did a couple of quick family shots...

Look at this happy guy!

I looooove the way they're looking at eachother! And Aidan is kind of giving another Ferris Bueller-esque look... maybe he taught that to Cameron. They are buds, after all!