Megan –
First of all, let me start off by saying that these photos are absolutely amazing! I say to myself, “That one is my favorite!” and then I click the next button and I say, “No, wait! That one is my favorite!” Every picture is better than the next. Thank you so much for capturing every special moment from our day.

Let me also say that I can’t believe how quickly you got these to us! I know you said that you would send them along about a month after the wedding, but I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I’ve watched all of my friends wait for MONTHS to even see one photo from their photographer, and you gave us a sample two days after the wedding and the rest of them in about a month. Unbelievable! Thank you so much for working so hard. It means so much to us.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for everything. I just relived all the emotion of my wedding day in one sitting because your photos captured every emotion!

Lindsay and Jared

Lindsay and Jared, Rochester, NY Wedding

OMG the pictures are amazing, I went through as many as I could during my lunch, I ♥ them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing and I am so glad we got to work with you! It not only produced some amazing pictures but also an amazing friendship! Hope your site doesn't crash now, I shared them with a lot of people haha. OK back to work now, or what I can do of work since I am so excited! Thanks again so much!

Erica and Sean

Erica and Sean, Rochester, NY Wedding

Chris and I just opened a bottle of wine and watched the entire slide show! Amazing!! I can't thank you enough!

I will be spending the rest of the week looking at them. Whoever said you are a ninja first, was completely right. I don't know how you got all of those pictures at the church and reception.

Thank you, thank you!!!
Meagan & Chris

Meagan & Chris, Rochester, NY Wedding

Hi Megan!!!
You perfectly captured our wedding day! I got chills the first time I looked at the pictures, not just because they are beautiful, but because they embody exactly what we remember from that day .. our emotions, the mood, the scenery!!! Everything! Thank you so much for making these memories lasting!! Now, we have something gorgeous to share with our family and friends for years to come. Not to mention, you were by far one of our favorite vendors to work with! Thank you for calming me down before the ceremony, and making us laugh during picture time! All of my friends said that they had never experienced such " fun and relaxed wedding group photos!" We so appreciate your calm nature and your stealth approach!! There are photos we saw and said, "how did she take that?!" Haha, my whole family loves you and very much appreciates all of the hard work you did to preserve one of the most important days of our lives!! Thank you!! I can't wait to call you for a shoot after our first baby comes along!!

Lizy and Wyatt

Lizy and Wyatt, Fingerlakes NY Wedding

OH MY GOODNESS... FANTASTIC! 🙂 You captured so much love and emotion... and all the little details... I LOVE THEM! 🙂 🙂 🙂 They have been very distracting at work! LOL I can't stop looking at them! You were awesome Megan... I will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone I hear searching for a wedding photographer!

Lauren and Henrick

Lauren and Henrick, Rochester, NY Wedding


I cannot even begin to tell you how happy we are with our photos. They are incredible! We thank you a million times over for going the extra mile and making us such a beautiful and enormous wedding album! You captured sooooo many meaningful and fun moments throughout the course of the day and into the evening. Every time we look at them it feels like we are re-living the day. Amazing! Thanks again for all of your hard work. You are the best!!

Rebecca and Ryan

Rebecca and Ryan, Fingerlakes NY Wedding

These are absolutely wonderful!!!! I can't thank you enough for doing such an amazing job capturing a day we've been looking forward to for so many years. We can't wait to start printing them for framing and such to have around the house, to be able to see them often and remember the perfect memories. We'll be strongly passing your name along if people are looking for a photographer.

Thank you again so much, I can't say it enough!

Jill and Brian

Jill and Brian, Fingerlakes NY Wedding

Oh my god, Megan!!! The pix are amaaaaaazing! We are so unbelievably happy and thrilled to re-live theeee best night of our life together!!!! In the words of my new mother-in-law, I am just going to "enjoy my glow" for as long as possible!!! Thank you so much for being the best photographer we ever could have asked for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Becki and Dave

Becki and Dave, Rochester, NY Wedding

I have tears streaming down my face! You captured Lizy and Wyatt's day with all the excitement and joy! I am so pleased by your ability to quietly and unobtrusively capture the emotions and reality of the entire day. I was there and never saw you stop the party or intrude on a special moment. You didn't choreograph, you captured the truth of this wonderful day. Thank you so much!

Michele (Mother of the Bride)

Michele (Mother of the Bride), Rochester, NY Wedding

Words can't express how much we love the photographs, and how amazing it is that you were able to send us our beautiful photographs so quickly! Unbelievable! Jan and I just returned from our Paris honeymoon yesterday evening, and it was such a treat to come home to these photos---it took all my strength not to look at them again and again while I was at work today!

Sipra and Jan

Sipra and Jan, Fingerlakes NY Wedding

Megan the pics are amazing! Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know that Matt loved the pictures too. He could not stop talking about the ones in front of the hall of languages and how amazing they were. He even got choked up at one point talking about how we will always have these as memories to share. I just wanted to thank you again. We can't wait to see what you do with our wedding!


Katrina & Matt, Rochester, NY Wedding

Megan, thank you so much! I'm sure we will be looking over these again and again over the next few days (weeks, months, years!) but our first run through was so much fun. You did a fantastic job. I'm sure the parents will be thrilled as well- you got a lot of great shots of family members. Thank you again for your amazing work- everyone who has seen the early photos has just raved about them!

Chantelle and Rob

Chantelle and Rob, Rochester, NY Wedding

Hi Megan!

Beyond words. These are amazing and there is no way I will ever be able to thank you enough.

Thank you so so so much!
Kristen and Kevin

Kristen and Kevin, Fingerlakes NY Wedding

I am speechless... they are awesome! I can't believe how clear every picture is. We are beyond happy with the pictures! I am also very impressed how quickly you finished them.

Laura and Steve

Laura and Steve , Rochester, NY Wedding

Oh my gosh Megan...these pictures are AMAZING!! You did such a great job of capturing how excited we were that day! I can't wait to show Bryan tonight! I can't thank you enough!!!

Kalie and Bryan

Kalie and Bryan, Rochester, NY Wedding

Hi Megan!!!!!
Rob and I just looked through the pictures and we absolutely love them!!! Thank you again for everything, the pictures are better than we ever could've imagined! I need some friends to get engaged so that I can get you down to Jersey again!

Thank you again,
Tasha and Rob

Tasha and Rob, New Jersey Wedding