Ashley and Chad • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Chad booked me last summer in a down-to-the-wire contract race... sometimes two people are interested in the same date at the same time and it can make things awkward. I had someone who wanted the date, but who (like Ashley and Chad) lived in Florida. Ashley's mom ended up dropping the contract off in person so they got the date, and I am so happy they did! Ashley and Chad and their families are incredibly sweet, plus it gave me a chance to work with the very talented Angela Hall of Out of the Ordinary Events.

I loved Ashley's dress and how everything was all set up together... the dress, shoes, purse, jewelry... it made a lovely little vignette.


Chad just barely held it together when Ashley was walking down the aisle.

So pretty!

Man, oh man, the way these two look at each other!

Mr & Mrs!

Ashley has a family friend who graciously let us use their beach property for pictures... it was so pretty! And we majorly lucked out since it rained before and after we shot.

Welcome to Swoonsville: Population Ashley and Chad.

We also did some portraits back at the Brooklea Country Club... Ashley and Chad have a great crew.


Angela did an amazing job transforming the reception room at Brooklea, with help from Kittelberger's of course!

I think I have only blogged one or two "introductions" pictures in the past... add this one to the list because it RULES.

Wedding MVP was a pretty east choice this week... there were many amazing contenders, but Megan's 5 minute Michael Jackson dance solo put her a head and shoulders above the rest. Sweet moves!

So, Chad is the biggest Bills fan ever (hell yes, Chad, this song goes out to you!) and this was his reaction when Shout came on... for the second time. Awesome, ha ha!

It was an awesome party!

Ashley's mom Georgeann got in on the fun as well!

Ashley was prepared for no spills, he he!

Congratulations to you two, hope you're having a fabulous time in Antigua! PS GO BILLS! 😀