Becky and Mike • Rochester Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Becky and Mike! I was really excited for this weekend, Becky is a good friend of my cousin Kristy (of Vegas Wedding fame) and we've been talking about her wedding for quite a while now! She's sent me so many sweet emails out of the blue saying how excited she is about working together, which rules a lot. 🙂
I met up with Becky and Mike last week to go over the schedule and we spent half the time talking about IPA's and brewing, uh hello kindred spirits!

The morning of the wedding, I headed out to meet the gents at "The Men's Room" which I can say with certainty is a phrase I have never uttered before! They were there to get straight razor shaves, which is probably the coolest "guys getting ready" thing I've ever seen! They all loved it, and looked great... highly recommended! (Also, the Men's Room has a Dundee Beer vending machine. I took a picture with my phone, sent it to everyone I know, and got about a hundred texts demanding to know where I was... ha ha!)

We had a lovely weekend for fall foliage, and Becky was looking stunning!

Loved the bouquet from Red Rose Florist, it was wrapped in fabric from Becky's mom's wedding dress, and her grandfather's handkerchief. What a beautiful way to incorporate those heirlooms!

Seeing Becky for the first time, and just beaming.rochesterweddingphotographer-5

During the rehearsal, the officiant joked that they should "gaze longingly into eachothers' eyes" during the ceremony... nailed it!

Have I discussed my love of officiants who stand off to the side during the ceremony?!


Guests were invited to sign these cool vintage skis that will be hung in Becky and Mike's home. LOVE it.

Sweet first dance...


The toasts were really funny, and included "what not to do" advice from their married friends, and a top 5 list of weird places Mike has fallen asleep, which I can totally relate to... must be an Irish thing. Anytime, anywhere. Try me!


The night was a bit of a Vegas reunion, here are Kristy and Tony trying to figure out how to slow dance around her pregnant belly! Baby Megan (HINT) should be making her debut in the next couple of weeks, but that didn't stop Kristy from rocking the dance floor and asking if anyone wanted to bet on whether or not she could do the dolphin! HA ha ha ha.

Amy was the subject of one of my favorite dancing pictures from Kristy and Tony's wedding, and did not disappoint this time around!




A little MJ

And some portraits... Colgate has some fabulous trees!
Yes, I'm that funny. Kidding, this was all Mike.




Thank you Becky and Mike! I had a great time with you... have a fabulous time in Seattle and hug a Redwood for me. I'm super jealous!