Kate and Mike • Buffalo Wedding Photographer

16 Days. That's how long it took Mike to know he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kate. 1000+ days to make it official. And I got to be there for it! 🙂 I shot Kate and Mike last September on a hot and extremely buggy day and I could see that certainty then. It's such a comforting energy to be around, they are just totally in love!

I met the girls at the hotel where preparation was underway...

Kate's mom admires her lovely daughter

Kate's mom and longtime hairdresser and friend react to seeing her in her dress... 🙂

The ceremony was very sweet and happy...

So ready..

I love the way Mike looks at Kate.

I love this bridal party so much... seriously some of the nicest ever!

They make it so easy for me!

I <3 fountains!

Confession time: riding in limos makes me feel ill. But it can make for some great moments...

Loved Kate's simple, beautiful bouquet.

I have been cracking up at this picture since Saturday... it would be selfish of me not to share it I think. LOL! Love it!

Best friends! Kate told me she was not a pretty crier... methinks she wasn't being very truthful.

So, as I mentioned before, this wedding party ruled. They were super fun and ridiculously nice... I had so much fun with everyone!

Best dance move of the night.

Now it is time for the ceremonial naming of the Wedding MVP. Or, in this case, MVP's... as illustrated by the next 3 photos. The good news is that they're a couple so they don't have to fight it out or anything (or, if you do, make it a breakdance fight and I'll shoot it!) These two seemed pretty chill for most of the day but as soon as the dance floor opened up, they went nuts.

Kate and Mike decided to throw the bouquet and garter at the same time and Emily made a valiant effort but missed the bouquet... meanwhile the garter is basically floating directly to Alex's hand...

As soon as he caught the garter, Alex immediately started prancing around majestically, showing off his trophy. Then he got down to business, which included laps around the lucky lady who caught the bouquet, stealing her glasses and a whole lot of gyrating. It was hysterical.

I'm going to have to ask you two to come to every wedding from now on please!

There were no formal parent dances, but I loved catching this moment between Mike and his mom!

Get it!

Congratulations Kate and Mike, I'm so glad I got to spend the day with you, have a fabulous honeymoon! Can't wait to hear about it!