Kristie and Jason • Watkins Glen Wedding Photography

It's been a crazy whirlwind the last few weeks that looked something like this: moving-wedding-unpacking-wedding-birthday-nyc-philly-wedding-yardwork-atrocious combination of cold and allergies. To be followed by wedding-more unpacking-a lot more weddings. Ha ha! I can't wait to get some of the pictures from my birthday trip, I had SO much fun! I got back just in time for Kristie and Jason's wedding, and you have to hear their amazing "how we met" story. It's one of the funniest!

Jason has a favorite bar that he goes to with his friends. They know the owner and she's just a bit scatterbrained, so the guys like to play jokes on her occasionally. The prank in question involved secretly posting a "Help Wanted" sign out front and watching the owner deal with all the interested applicants. Kristie saw the sign and went in to apply, and the owner seemed confused so Kristie mentioned the sign. The owner still looked confused, but agreed to consider her because, after all, there was a sign up! Kristie got the job, and hit it off with Jason, and now here we are! I just love that a silly prank turned into a marriage... who would ever guess that the owner would not only agree to interview, but actually hire someone when she wasn't even looking! I love it. 🙂

I headed down to Watkins Glen to meet the girls at Sunset on Seneca B&B . It's a beautiful spot! Here's Kristie's custom-made dress:

The place was buzzing and Kristie was happy as could be as the girls had their hair and makeup done.

The ceremony was outside on the deck overlooking the lake... pretty view!

£ (a little inside joke!)

Oh hi little good-luck ladybug that landed on Kristie's dad's tux! Welcome to the party!

A few portraits at the B&B...

Then we headed to the pier near the Harbor Hotel.

Dancing! The way he looks at her is so very sweet...

Mother-son... aww.

It was too hot for most people to dance... but not too hot for tickling!

Thanks for having me guys! Congratulations!