Lisa and Dave • Rochester Wedding Photography

What an absolutely beautiful day Lisa and Dave had! Lisa is my hair stylist (which, people, please don't blame her for how my hair looks on wedding days... even dumbledore couldn't tame this mess on a humid day. That was a really nerdy reference.) and I was so excited to be able to photograph her wedding! Lisa's maid of honor is a photographer, so I shot the ceremony and portraits and she shot the reception (which is why there are no dancing pictures!)

I knew Lisa was going to be gorgeous, but come on! Are ya kidding?! She has the most perfect skin, I did not do any photoshopping at all whatsoever. JEALOUS!

Almost ready... and so happy!

Lisa and Dave had their wedding at the Webster Arboretum , which is just lovely.

They are not big on being the center of attention, so they made the ceremony very, very private. I think there were about 15 people there, it was such a sweet and mellow vibe.

Mr and Mrs!!

Their guests showered them with lavender seed (you can see how much Dave loved it, ha ha!) which smelled so nice. It stayed on my shoes even when I got home and made my porch smell amazing!

As soon as I took this bridal party shot, I knew it needed to be blogged. Thank you, sir.

Lisa's flowers were gorgeous, I forgot to ask where they were from but when I find out I'll add it! (eta- Surprise, surprise, Lisa's beautiful bouquet is from Kittelberger's... knocked it out of the park yet again guys!)

As blue as can be... again, no photoshop enhancement! (Usually I enhance them, ha ha)

Lisa's vintage vibe was so adorable!

tee hee! Dave was all about getting the right pose on this... he's hilarious!

My sister was married here and I have done shoots here, but somehow I never knew there was a topiary maze!


Thanks so much for having me Lisa and Dave, have an amazing time in Paris and Santorini! (Like you need me to tell you that, ha ha!)
I have another wedding and a bunch of engagements that need to be blogged, so stay tuned y'all!