Rachel & Damian • Rochester Wedding Photographer


Rachel and Damian opted to see each other before the ceremony so we could take care of some of the portraits in advance... that ended up being an extremely helpful choice when the wedding day rolled around because it was 95 and humid! Scheduling the day this way allowed us to break things up and head into the AC to cool down a few times.

Ceremony time... Damian was so ready!

Shadow Lake's ceremony spot is really stunning.

I love that since the sun is not directly behind them, you can see the foliage reflecting in the water. So pretty.

Mr and Mrs!

Bridal party rocking it...

Love the shadows!

This one is for Damian... he had a few specific requests for silly shots with his groomsmen. I knew this one would make a pretty funny gif!
how to make animated gif

A couple more portraits before retreating into the heavenly AC for the rest of the night!

Party time! Lots of cute kids at this wedding...

Ha ha ha favorite!

🙂 how cute is she!?

Wedding MVP was an easy choice this week... he was out on the dance floor all night, I loved his superb dance move commitment.


I almost got trampled during that Night at the Roxbury song, but it was a pretty hilarious scene...


Congratulations you two, have a great time in the Finger Lakes!