Rebecca and Ryan • Rochester Engagement Photography

Ahhh... that blog silence was the sound of me catching up on my editing! The end of the season is always a hectic time with so many weddings to edit and lots of people trying to schedule portraits to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors. I was so happy to get Rebecca and Ryan's engagement in while the leaves were just at peak. Engagements are always a great way to get to know each other before the wedding, and without fail they make me 10x more excited for the wedding... that's certainly the case here, Rebecca and Ryan were great sports and totally up for anything. It was such a fun shoot!

They brought their beautiful husky Kiyra, which was cool. I love dogs and am always in favor of incorporating pets in to shoots!

Leaves on the ground are perfect for photography. So much color! Also, SHOES! Those are some serious heels. My brides hike in stilettos, I love it.

At one point Rebecca confessed that she and Ryan were "bad at pictures." Oh, you are so wrong my dear! So very, very wrong.

Ridiculously cute.

Love this one.

I'm a huge fan of things flying through the air during a shoot (snow, rain, pollen, seed puffs, whatever) I think they add so much to a picture, so any chance I get to use them is always welcome. Rebecca and Ryan were in the middle of this field and as they walked through, tiny seed things were flying around, so Ryan offered to kick a bunch and send up a big cloud. They went flying everywhere, but Rebecca and Ryan hung in there like champs for a cute picture!

Ryan was super helpful "encouraging" the puffs to fly out of the plants, ha ha. He'd kick them and then immediately jump right into a pose, it was pretty impressive.

For this shot, Rebecca grabbed a handful of plants and shook them... one unfortunate gust of wind sent the entire blob of puffs directly into Ryan's mouth. This is pretty much the only time I've ever wished I shot video, because it was flippin hilarious. Ryan inhaled a couple puffs, they both started choking and then Ryan kind of dropped Rebecca. It was such a mess, but we were all cackling hysterically (and Kiyra was howling from the car, which just added another layer of funny.) Rebecca wanted to make sure I included that sequence on the disc, and of course I did... I thought the final result was pretty sweet, too.