Rebecca & Zach • Finger Lakes Wedding Photography

Rebecca and Zach are married! What a way to close out the 2011 season! I met Zach a few years ago when I did a portrait of his family before he and his brother moved to Arizona. I was so pleased to hear from Rebecca and Zach about their wedding... we set up a meeting and got talking about Arizona, I mentioned I was heading to Tempe for Pat's Run and Rebecca was like "I ran that race too!" Which pretty much blew my mind. Since it is like 3,000 miles away and all. Awesome! We chatted about their wedding plans and I knew it'd be an awesome day...

I met the girls at Scott Miller Salon, where makeup was under way. PS Rebecca had her hair done at Shear Ego... it is so intricate and beautiful! Wowsa. Absolutely love her profile!

Rebecca and Zach opted to do a first sight, which is always a good idea... particularly when the sun is setting early! My favorite moment.

Did some portraits at the church, which had a lot of spots to work with. Mmmm, red.

The field behind us had the perfect color of green...

So cute!


It was sprinkling a little bit, so had to bust out the trusty old umbrella. I don't think I'll ever get tired of using this guy!

It's weird that it is mid-October, the weather has been especially chilly, and the leaves are barely changing. The trees are either green or completely bare, which is mega lame. We did manage to find some COLOR though!!!


In case you couldn't tell yet, their colors were gray and yellow... I love that combo so! It is the theme of my living room! Loved the girls' dresses.

The ceremony was at Oak's Corners Presbyterian...

Mr & Mrs!!!

The reception was at Belhurst Castle, majestic as always! Loved their details. I need to find a new way to say that "Kittelberger's killed it with the flowers once again." Somebody get me a thesaurus! Ha ha

First dance. These little gestures make the best pictures. Le sigh!

This one may be my favorite of the night. Zach and his brother Ben are really close, Ben gave a really touching toast and happens to have the most photogenic tears on the planet.

A couple of guests got things rolling with a makeshift limbo... limbo pictures always crack me up!

We'll Shout even if the Bills lose!

Oh man, I can't even deal with the look of utter glee on this kid's face... his dad(?) was spinning him around on the dance floor and he was loving every second of it. So cute!


Thank you so very much for having me, what a wonderful way to end my 2011 season... thank you Rebecca and Zach!!!