Rosemary and David • Rochester Wedding Photographer

It is nothing short of a miracle that Rose and Dave's wedding day went off without a hitch... maybe they just got all the hitches out of the way before the big day. They had originally booked the Strathallan for their wedding but were notified a measly year in advance that the hotel was going to be under construction and they'd no longer be able to have their wedding there. Then a few months before the wedding they were told (despite assurances to the contrary) that their rooms wouldn't be available either. Rose kept a cool head and quickly booked the (far superior, in my opinion) Memorial Art Gallery and some rooms at the Woodcliffe.

I didn't want to dwell too much on the bad things that happened in this post, but I feel like Rose and Dave deserve so much credit for dealing with one of the worst nightmares for a wedding couple! The good news is that we had an absolutely beautiful day and a wonderful group of people.

The view at the Woodcliffe can't be beat.

Rose looked so stunning...

Our Lady of Lourdes church in Brighton has beautiful light... combine that with a super happy couple and you've got photography gold!


The bridal party was awesome in the hot hot hot hot hot afternoon sun...


Love the shadows...

Rose booked the Mt Hope Cemetery, which was beautiful (and non-creepy)

The ballroom at the MAG looked so beautiful...

The party was fantastic, of course...

I think I have to give wedding MVP award to this couple... they were just beaming at each other all night long. So cute!!

Dave gets some dance lessons, ha ha.

Siblings owning the floor!

Thanks so much for having me Rose and Dave... have a fabulous honeymoon! I still have to blog our engagement shoot, I can't believe I haven't done that yet. PS My brother totally crushed the Ironman 🙂 you guys are awesome!