Shannon & Jamie • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Shannon's many southern family members were in for a bit of a shock coming up to Rochester for a December wedding! We'd had something like an inch of snow for the month, which is way below normal... then the week before we got almost two feet! Pretty hectic, but thankfully the majority of it didn't come on the wedding day! I headed to photograph Shannon having her makeup done by the talented and sweet Tiffany Loveless.

Luckily everything was pretty close together on this snowy day! We made it to the church with plenty of time to spare. So pretty!

So happy together!

Lots of beautiful details at Max of High Falls thanks to Jimmy at Kittelberger's and Angela and Aly at Out of the Ordinary!

Hooray piñata!

Aww, mother-son tears!

Another sweet mother-son photo!

Love it when venues have a place where I can shoot from above!

Congratulations Shannon and Jamie, it was a pleasure spending the day with you!