It turns out that my pretty little Pepper is actually a Border Terrier, maybe with a bit of Schnauzer mixed in. I'd never heard of Border Terriers, but it turns out they're one of the top rated dogs for families because they're smart, one of the more amiable terriers, and just overall pretty darn awesome. I mean, look at this face, LOOK AT IT.

She's very laid back indoors and spends much of the time looking at me like this.

Sometimes she's a big game hunter.

But mostly she's napping or prepping for a nap.

But get her outside with her cousin Lilah and it's a whooooole other story. I love Lilah's expression, ha ha!

I think she actually might be part Border Terrier, part hover craft.

Poor Lilah... Pepper must have studied under Ali because she's really got the float like a butterfly/sting like a bee thing down.


Border Terriers were bred to hunt foxes, so they have to have the endurance and speed to keep up with horses over long distance and the agility and strength to ferret out foxes once they go into their dens. Let's just say Border Terriers don't really tire out... ever.

Once Lilah is all tired out, Jeremy gets a chance to play too... look at his little coat!

He can't stay out too long though, cause the snow gets all balled up on his fur... could he be any cuter? Breakin' hearts, Jeremy...