Kicking off 2012 with something a little unusual! I shot my friend Rachel's daughter's bat mitzvah (I shot her other daughter's a couple of years ago) last weekend and got another behind the scenes look at a cool rite of passage. I seriously do not know how these kids do it, the amount of verse they have to memorize and sing to everyone is really mind blowing. And it's in a language they don't actually know. So impressive!

The next day was the big party so I met them for preparation at Waterlily and those ladies did an absolutely beautiful job. I wished I could sit down and have a turn too! PS This picture was taken before the false eyelashes were applied... Geffen is a lucky girl!!!

Geffen looked so beautiful for her big day!

As did Sophie... what a pair!

Blazing sun can be a challenge to work with, but sometimes it is really fun to play with light and shadow.

Model skills.

And, the party... oh the party! The kids were on the dance floor for like 6 straight hours, it was a wild night! Kicking it off with a little Dougie never hurt anybody. Actually it kind of looked like this hurt though. I think I need to go to the chiropractor just from looking at it.

Yessssss... I love going through the pictures from the chair lift, so much hilarity! And I love how Andy is looking at Geffen... what fun!

He he

I love how many people are trying to get through the hoop at the same time... they were stuck like that for the rest of the night, actually. They may still be there. We'll never know.

Sophie put together a slideshow for Geffen and the guests... it was a good one!

Congratulations Geffen!!