Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve!  I got my first shot at playing Rock Band at a party, and I'm hooked.. I've already downloaded a ripoff to my iPod and am learning to play "West Coast" by Coconut Records!  I'd like to post some pictures from the party, but I have to get them developed first (yes, developed) because I like to use my little toy Lomo camera for parties. 🙂

2009 brings a few exciting changes to the site, with an updated wedding gallery full of pictures from the last two seasons, and a sweet new blog layout with really big pictures!  Many thanks to my super talented friend and designer, Hillary Bort!!
Take a look around and enjoy!

Here are a couple of recent album spreads I designed... nice and big, huh?  Stay tuned to the blog for Jamie and Matt's wedding this Saturday!!