Kelly and Simon's Skaneateles Wedding

What a fantastic way to end my season (in New York)... I was so excited to work with Kelly and Simon, we've been in touch for about a year, and they are such a cool couple -and blog-stalkers :D- that I've been looking forward to this for a while.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I met up with the guys at the lake house and the guys were getting ready to jump in the lake.  Yes, in October.  Yes, it was about 60 degrees.

They started the shower running before they went out to do this... ha ha!

Then I went to meet up with the girls at Hobbit Hollow, where beautiful Kelly was getting her makeup done. Love this shot of her listening to her bridesmaids.

Getting the veil in place... the veil was worn by Kelly's mom at her wedding and was made using lace from her grandmother's wedding dress. I love things like that!

Kelly takes a final look in the mirror, that's her dad in the background. 🙂

This is so dainty, I love it.

Simon sees Kelly for the first time!

Love this moment.


They got to ring the bells, which I am a little jealous of.

This was so funny, Simon kind of paused for a picture as they exited the church and Kelly played along with it and started dragging him, ha ha!

Then we headed to The Lodge for the reception... Kelly's dad grew all the pumpkins that decorated the church and the Lodge. Ah, I love fall!

And the award for Best Use of a Tie during Air Guitar goes to...

he he..

Portraits... we really had to hunt for some fall leaves, since peak is still a ways off, but we found some and I may have rolled around on the ground to get it (I admit nothing)!

This light was perfect for literally one frame, and we weren't even posing yet!

Then it got brighter, but I still liked it.

Kelly does her best "stern" look, and it's still adorable!

Buttercup 🙂

Ok, another reason why I love my clients... I was pretty far away from them at this point, hiding in the cattails, and I said "Ok, lean back a bit!" of course referring to Kelly, but Simon wanted in on it too... this totally cracks me up! I think Kelly liked it too...

And finally...

Have an amazing time in Mexico, I hope I got this posted in time for you to see it! I had a great time with you guys, congratulations.

Off to Vegas this weekend!