Rebecca & Mike • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Woo hoo, it's finally time for Rebecca and Mike Part Two! As you may recall, Rebecca and Mike were married in an intimate ceremony in February and wanted to have their reception in summer. On the day of the ceremony, it was bitter cold with howling winds whipping the snow into mini tornadoes (that I'm pretty sure were filled with knives.) Actually sounds refreshing right about now, in the middle of a stretch of 90 degree days! Rebecca and Mike were cool enough to brave the biting winds for some beautiful outdoor pictures at Bristol Harbour. Let us just reflect on this, as we sit in front of our air conditioners, sweating to death:

Their reception was held at the always beautiful Irondequoit Country Club. We weren't planning on doing portraits, but when I saw the sunset light I knew we had to go outside for just a few minutes!

Rebecca has the best smile and laugh! These two are so sweet together.

The reception was very casual with no formal events or dancing, it was just a fun party for everyone to get together and have a good time. And maybe have a caricature or two drawn!

A perfect subject!

The caricatures brought much delight...

As did the s'mores bar (which had an option of using regular chocolate, york peppermint patties or peanut butter cups in the s'more... GOOD CALL REBECCA AND MIKE! Holy moses.)

The kids set up a little obstacle course in the next room over, it was so funny and cute. Just chairs and pillows and imaginations!

And I'll end with a shot of the ceremony from February, after all that is what everyone was there to celebrate! Congratulations again, Rebecca and Mike, it has been such a pleasure!!!