Summer Camp!

I was asked to speak to kids at the Cobblestone School's Summer Camp as a part of their "Unique Possibilities" program, which exposes children to fun and unusual careers. Even though I'm a public-speaking-o-phobe, I agreed, because I love the idea of the program. I brought in some of my work (animal pictures were a big hit, which I was counting on!), my gear, and had a fun chat with the campers. There were lots of questions- the funniest one was "How famous is your photography?" and my favorite, "How old is your oldest camera?" I got to tell the kids a bit about my 1944 Rollei that was given to me by my late friend, Ed Hannan.
In spite of my nerves, I think we all had a good time! Here's a shot of some of the kids hamming it up for me. 🙂