Tiffany and Victor's Rochester Wedding

Tiffany and Victor got hitched at Deerfield Country Club in Brockport this weekend.  The ceremony was planned for outdoors, but they decided to play it safe and have it indoors after the hysteria-inducing weather forecasts (gale force winds! torrential rain! hail! four horsemen!  Well, maybe not the last one.)  The weather turned out to be pretty gorgeous all day, but I liked the feeling of the indoor ceremony- the room was a bit on the small side for the number of guests, so it had a really intimate feeling with people all standing together.  Once everyone got into the larger reception area, they certainly made use of the space and had a rocking party!

Tiffany has the prettiest hazel eyes!


Victor sees his lovely bride for the first time.


Tiffany jumped the gun a little bit during the vows, it was really cute and had everyone laughing, even the judge!  No cold feet here. 🙂




I love a good father-daughter dance tearjerker!  I think we can all relate. 🙂



We headed out for some portraits on the course, but started with a cool shot in the classic car the girls rode to the club in.  I think this one was a Chevy something?  I'm sure someone can enlighten me!




Look at how cute they are... million dollar smiles.

Thanks for having me and congratulations you two!