Winter bloggin'

Here I am again, falling behind on my blogging!  I'm hard at work on albums right now, and am happy to report that learning InDesign has made the task much more fun than last year.  Trying to design layout-by-layout in Photoshop is just unnecessarily difficult!  I'll post a few spreads soon!

I made it down to Letchworth "The Grand Canyon of the East!" just in time to miss all the beautiful foliage (as usual) last month, but it was fun anyway.  I'm lucky, with my schedule I can go on a weekday afternoon and have places like that mostly to myself... I think I saw about three people, which is ideal.  I figured I'd mention this because at least I'll have a picture to post!

Oh, and here's a rock wall.  Man, I love this state... it's so beautiful.