Happy Day-After-Election-Day everybody!  Are you as glad that it's over as I am?  Although I didn't vote for Barack (I usually vote Libertarian or write in... I'm contrary like that, ha ha) I am excited to have such an eloquent and dignified leader.  We're all in this together, let's just be nice to each other for a while!

And if we can't, at least there's this live feed of a pile of snuggling puppies.

It will fix everything!

I'll be finishing up my last wedding and then moving to album design... I'll be posting pictures along the way, as well as a few album spreads, cause I haven't ever posted those before!  Exciting 🙂

And because I don't want to leave without a picture, here's a shot from Matt and Kerri's camera of Kerri, me and my cousin Kelly showing everyone how it's done infront of the big glowing Beatles wall at the Mirage!