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Catherine and Brian's wedding was a long time coming, it was so exciting to finally have the day upon us! Catherine told me that they wanted to make sure I was available before they actually booked their venue- that is such an unbelievable compliment! I love working with people who are really excited about photography, it just makes it so fun! We had an extremely cold engagement session in early 2014 but it was a lot of fun- I almost fell into a giant pile of cacti, we got to become best friends with some button quail (mostly we just stood near them) and we saw the most terrifying clown statue just watching us from an upper level window. What would the wedding have in store for us after all that?!

Well, first of all... total, stunning deco loveliness. I loved Catherine's red lip!


The first look was so sweet. Just so happy.

Look how great these two look together.


And the gorgeous view at Esperanza Mansion doesn't hurt either.
rochester wedding photographer-05

We did have one minor calamity- I accidentally posed Catherine directly on top of a very active, hidden ant hill. Fortunately, she laughed it off pretty quickly once the ants were shooed away. Love their contagious laughter!
rochester wedding photographer-06

I'm going to pretend that our engagement shoot taught them everything they know about posing and looking crazy cute in pictures. 
rochester wedding photographer-13

I love the look of Esperanza. Such a beautiful, classic place to get married!
rochester wedding photographer-12

The wedding party had a pretty good time with each other as well. Easygoing crew!
rochester wedding photographer-07

The ceremony was lovely.
rochester wedding photographer-09



We need to discuss these details. Ok, first of all, Catherine made all the bouquets and boutonnieres by hand... those are all tiny beads. Each petal of each flower. The delicate baby's-breath-like wires with more beads on them. I cannot imagine. I believe it took her about one day per flower! They were so gorgeous and intricate! The wedding had an overall Art Deco theme, look at that stunning cake from Premier Pastry! I can't stop looking at it. It is so fabulous! Catherine also made the wedding favors very personalized- they're scientists so the favor boxes were all designed to look like the periodic table! Loved it. They were also filled with gummy bears, which are a favorite of theirs! Catherine's vision came alive beautifully in Esperanza's ballroom!
rochester wedding photographer-25a

This is the kind of thing I like to see all day. Genuine laughter and happiness!   
rochester wedding photographer-16


Ah the cake cutting was a bit of a scene... Catherine is cracking up because Brian's initial cake cutting was about 3 nanometers wide. He clearly thinks that is a reasonable serving of cake though. I'm with Catherine on this one!
rochester wedding photographer-19

Brian's expressions are the best. Actually I love all the faces in this picture! I wish I could remember which question was being asked at this moment!
rochester wedding photographer-20


rochester wedding photographer-22


Originally, best man Russel was in the lead for Wedding MVP with this sweet, sweet leg axe.



rochester wedding photographer-28


However the ringbearer snuck  in and poached the title with this incredible expression during a windmill lesson... I mean, he's definitely having a holy moment with the rock gods here, right? LOL
rochester wedding photographer-27

Everyone had a great night!

rochesterweddingphotographer-23    rochester wedding photographer-26

Then Catherine went for a quick costume change... another gorgeous 1920's inspired dress!
rochester wedding photographer-29rochesterweddingphotographer-24

Look at all these happy faces!
rochester wedding photographer-21  rochester wedding photographer-30

Thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your day, Catherine and Brian... it was an honor!

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