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Crispin Hill Weddings • Erica & Morgan

Crispin Hill Weddings Erica and Morgan met while working summers on Martha's Vineyard. It was right person, wrong time, and you may never see a better example of that than these two. There's a tidal nature to the way they were brought together over and again until the time was right; fitting for a couple…
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Crispin Hill Wedding • Kelsie & Francis

Crispin Hill Wedding When coworkers (including their boss) decided that Kelsie and Francis would make a cute couple, Kelsie immediately went into avoidance mode. Totally relatable! Set ups are terrifying! To make matters both worse and better, Kelsie's cousin also worked with them and got wind of the tomfoolery. The whole family was in on…
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Crispin Hill Wedding Photos • Clare & Stephanie

Crispin Hill Wedding Photos When I got Clare's first message, I crossed my fingers so hard that we'd be a good fit. Her inquiry was so bubbly and funny and enthusiastic, and her description of how she and Stephanie fell in love instantly was so cute, I could envision how joyful a wedding she and…
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