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Laura & Tim • Rochester Wedding Photographers

Laura and I have been exchanging emails for about 9 months now, after she first started looking for Rochester wedding photographers (so basically, our friendship is now an infant) and I was so excited for her and Tim's wedding! They came to me through Megan and Barry, some wonderful clients from four years ago. I…
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Kasey & Mike • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Kasey and Mike's wedding had it all: sweet couple, great families, and some of my very favorite wedding friends! I met with Kasey and Mike at their coordinator's place- the lovely and talented Lisa of Lime Drop Events. They were fresh from a Halloween party from the night before. I got to see Mike's super…
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Rochester Wedding Photographer • Carly & Bryan

I got to meet Carly and Bryan a couple of times before their wedding, they're very sweet and definitely seemed focused on just having a fun, easygoing day. When I arrived at the Memorial Art Gallery in the morning, Carly was so calm and things were pretty much on schedule... I love a relaxed bride!…
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