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Lynn & Rob • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Rochester Wedding Photographer Lynn and Rob came to me via my friend and past bride, Holly, so I knew they'd be cool. When Rob asked at our first meeting (with a very serious face) what would happen if there was a bad reaction to the first look, I knew I kind of loved them. I…
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Melissa & James • Rochester Wedding Photographers

They met at a wedding. James was the best man, Melissa was a bridesmaid. Months later, they reunited and have been pretty inseparable ever since! They're a great pair, James is a bit quiet and always has this little smile on his face, and Melissa is outgoing and funny. Her sense of humor actually reminds…
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Kasey & Mike • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Kasey and Mike's wedding had it all: sweet couple, great families, and some of my very favorite wedding friends! I met with Kasey and Mike at their coordinator's place- the lovely and talented Lisa of Lime Drop Events. They were fresh from a Halloween party from the night before. I got to see Mike's super…
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Catherine & Brian • Rochester Wedding Photographer

Rochester Wedding Photographer- Catherine and Brian's wedding was a long time coming, it was so exciting to finally have the day upon us! Catherine told me that they wanted to make sure I was available before they actually booked their venue- that is such an unbelievable compliment! I love working with people who are really…
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Laura & Chris • Syracuse Wedding Photographer

Syracuse Wedding Photographer - Laura and Chris came to me through my awesome clients Kelly and Andy (originators of the illustrious wedding MVP award! Laura and Chris went to high school together but didn't know each other well and reconnected when a mutual friend organized a bar crawl. One of Chris's groomsmen actually predicted they'd…
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